Bella Bunz Blonde Hair Bun Maker - XL SIZE ( 27cm )

Your DIY tool for easy & perfect Hair Buns under 1 minute – Recommended for BLACK hair.

Suitable for ANY hair type.

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Bella Bunz Blonde Hair Bun Maker – XL SIZE ( 27cm )


Bella Bunz Hair Bun Maker is your DIY Tool for effortless Hair Buns under 1 minute. Make that perfect Hair Bun without any fuss or frustrations. Bella Bunz is a life saver if you are running late!


– Creates a perfect & effortless hair bun – under 1 minute
– Suitable for all Hair types & ages
– Preferred for shoulder length & longer hair
– Quick & Easy for social events or everyday use
– Elegant & Stylish for professional look & all types of events, dance & sports
– Firm hold that lasts all day
– Convenient to use – No hair pins, sponges, or tight elastics needed
– User friendly


– 1 Product unit per package
– Dimensions: 27 cm in length, 2.5 cm wide
– Weight: 22 grams
– Material: Synthetic Hair
– Colors: Variety of 3 different colors (Blonde, Light Brown, Black)
– Brand: Bella Bunz
– Packaging: Plastic Poly Bag & Step by Step Guide Paper Card

What’s in the bag?

1 x Bella Bunz Hair Bun Maker

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Bella Bunz Blonde Hair Bun Maker - XL SIZE ( 27cm )